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Merantis is supported by the Council of the Danish Victims Fund. is owned by journalists Jette Friis O'Broin and Lone Michelsen.

Merantis is aimed at women with foreign backgrounds who are exposed to violence

Merantis is a podcast in original languages told by women with foreign backgrounds exposed to violence who have gotten away from violence in intimate relationships. The women have been interviewed and have told their stories so as to provide other women with hope and inspiration to leave the violence.

Watch the film about project MERANTIS here

Merantis A was 6-8 podcasts in Arabic, Danish and Farsi. The stories can be found on the MERANTIS app, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play. They can also be heard elsewhere on this website and on some of our collaborators' websites.
Merantis A was implemented through a Facebook campaign and a physical campaign in the Tingbjerg housing area, where gathering sites, clubs, physicians, churches, housing offices were provided with small discrete cards and pastille boxes with reference to the app and website for distribution. Professionals were given postcards for their notice boards with information about Merantis.

Read the MERANTIS A report here

Merantis C was a conference at Nyborg Strand for those professionals who encounter the violence in their everyday working lives. 100 healthcare practitioners, educators, police, social workers, residential social workers, school teachers and the like. Was gathered to hear specialists from shelters, researchers, ministry, municipalities, police, general practitioners and more, talk about the signs of violence.

Watch movie clips with highlights from the conference here  
Read the conference report here

Merantis B is an ongoing project, which deals with even more podcasts from former victims in even more languages. These podcasts will be posted on the MERANTIS app as they are finished and approved by the women who have recorded them.
Merantis B will be followed by theme meetings for professionals around the country in late summer 2018.


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